Can you use thinset over redguard?

Can you use thinset over redguard? Redguard isn’t Ditra, they want you to use a good quality modified thinset over it. As you know, unmodified is recommended over Ditra, even when installing porcelain.

Does thinset adhere to Redgard? From what I have read, the premixed thinset does not dry out to form a good adhesive bond when applied over/under a non-permeable membrane like Redguard or the Kerdi-band products. The dry mix (where you add the water on-site) does.

Can you tile directly on Redgard? For tile installations bonding directly to the substrate; strongly recommended to apply at least one full coat of “undiluted” RedGard® to the “dry” primed area and allow to dry completely before tile installation work is to begin. When used as a vapor barrier, apply one full coat (70 sq. ft.

Can I use tile adhesive on Redgard? Furthermore, does tile stick to Redgard? You”ll be fine with thinset over Redguard on walls. It’s recommended for waterproofing niches, shelves, and entire shower walls when tar paper or poly are not used as a vapor barrier behind the CBU.

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What thinset goes with Redgard?

Moreover, the Flexbond modified thinset (sold at HD, for example) specifically lists redgard as one of the surfaces it can be applied to and therefore, following manufacturer recommendations, a person should be using a modified thinset like flexbond over Redgard.

Does 100% silicone stick to Redgard?

Caulk that gap with siliconized or latex caulk and then use Redgard over the caulk. Regard will not stick to 100% silicone caulk. You DO NOT want moisture collecting in that crevice and it can if you stuff it with thinset.

Do you need to use RedGard over cement board?

As long as it’s Cement Board & not some crappy “almost” cement board stuff. You really don’t need the RedGard, but the more protection the betterso go for it. And yes, you can do the boards beforehand. But, hit the filled seams & screws (your weak points) as soon as a panel is ready to give it some time to setup.

Does Hardibacker need to be waterproofed?

Hardiebacker (James Hardie): the use of a waterproof membrane, vapor barrier or vapor. retarding membrane is optional unless the local building code requires it.

Which is better redguard or Aquadefense?

Redguard from Custom Building Products is a bit more versatile than Aquadefense. Redguard offers multiple application methods giving installers more options for efficient operations. Redguard is suitable for different applications. The suitability of Redguard under the pool and hot tub finish coatings is remarkable.

Can I use OmniGrip over Redgard?

Redguard is made by the same company that makes Simple Set and Omni Grip. SimpleSet has some chemical additives not contained in OmniGrip (which can be applied over Redguard).

How thick should Redgard be?

Combined dried coatings must be at least 30-35 mils thick. When wet, the combined coatings must be at least 60-70 mils and must not exceed 125 mils wet-film thickness. RedGard® is dry when it turns solid red, with no visible pink color.

Do you have to use Redgard on shower?

You do not need to use the Redgard. Millions of showers have been built with out using a waterproofing. However, the information coming down the pike these days is that a surface water-proofer under the tile eliminates the need for a moisture barrier on the studs and it will extend the life of the facility.

How long do you let thinset dry before applying RedGard?

Set the tile into the thin-set while it is still wet. Once the tile is set, do not touch, move, or walk on the tile for 24 hours to allow the thin-set to cure undisturbed.

Will thinset stick to Aquadefense?

While a modified thinset will bond Kerdi (in reality, thinset, neither modified or unmodified, technically ‘sticks’ to Kerdiit surrounds the fleece, and when cured, locks it in place), the issue is that latex modified (one of several ways to make a modified) requires drying in addition to the cement curing, and

Can I use unmodified thinset on plywood?

Use Thinset With a Higher Latex Content

Thinset is the wet base that you first trowel on the plywood to make the tile stick. Higher latex content is essential for bonding to plywood. A quality unmodified thinset should be used and mixed with a latex additive.

Will Liquid Nails stick to Redgard?

Marq1- Any waterproofing system will be prone to leaks if not applied correctly. There’s nothing wrong with Redgard, if you apply if according to instructions it works well.

Will paint stick to Redgard?

Is Redgard paintable? Unfortunately, it will not be warrantied for use with paint on top of it. They recommend that you attempt to prime the walls first and then apply a second layer of paint. It may be possible to paint the walls with a one-step product that includes paint and primer all in one convenient pail.

Does cement board need to be waterproofed?

So, if you’re looking for durability and strength, concrete backer-board will probably be your choice. First, you should provide a waterproof/resistant membrane against the wood studs before installing the concrete backer-board to protect the wood studs from moisture absorbed through the backer-board.

Do I need vapor barrier behind Hardibacker?

Hardibacker doesn’t need a vapor barrier or waterproofing except you do need to tape and thinset the joints.

Do I seal cement board before tiling?

Contrary to popular thought, tile and grout are not waterproof, and some moisture will penetrate even if sealant is used. However, if you choose to use concrete backerboard, which is much stronger and more durable than gypsum board, a water vapor membrane must be placed underneath it or a sealant applied on top of it.

Do you put Thinset under Hardibacker?

It will make an enormous mess under the house (or whatever is under your bathroom). It is also more likely to make the floor uneven since it is hard to level thinset that is separated by gaps. The installation manual for HardieBacker suggests to embed it in thin-set and it should be installed over plywood.

Can you tile straight onto HardiBacker?

The Hardibacker will be fine to tile straight onto.

Is Redgard toxic to breathe?

Prolonged or repeated inhalation of respirable crystalline silica from this product can cause silicosis, a serious disabling and fatal lung disease. and/or distress, nausea or vomiting. May cause long-term adverse effects to the aquatic environment. Keep from entry into sewers and waterways.

Is premixed thinset good?

Even though it is heavy to carry and more expensive than dry mortar mix, the ease and convenience of premixed thinset mortar makes it ideal for do-it-yourselfers. Use premixed mortar for spaces such as small bathrooms, mudrooms, or utility rooms.

What is the difference between modified and unmodified thinset?

Unmodified thinset has been around forever. Unlike unmodified mortar, which consists only of a blend of Portland cement, sand, and water retention agents, modified thinset includes additional retention products, such as latex polymers, which can increase its performance and strength.