How Bad Is University of Phoenix?

If you are considering enrolling in an online school, you might be wondering, “How bad is University of Phoenix?” This for-profit college has a terrible reputation and high acceptance rate, but there are many good things about it, too. The high acceptance rate is a positive sign, as it means more students are willing to attend. However, if you’re unsure about its quality, here are a few myths that you should avoid:

One of the biggest misconceptions about for-profit schools is that they charge a lot of money to offer a low-quality education. However, it is important to note that while University of Phoenix is accredited, its degrees have poor value in the real world. The school’s success comes from its innovative approach to online learning, which was a major plus for attracting students in the first place. Yet, as a result of the school’s deceptive marketing tactics, it has lagged behind better-quality colleges and is more expensive.

Another myth about University of Phoenix is that it is an extremely expensive diploma mill. While this is certainly true in some cases, it’s a misconception that needs to be quashed. The University of Arizona’s admissions process is very liberal and almost 100 percent of applicants are accepted, which makes it a highly uncompetitive institution. While it does have a great acceptance rate for its online programs, its admissions process is not competitive. This makes it difficult to gain admission.