How do I contact Keter?

How do I contact Keter?

Is Keter a good brand? Keter is perhaps the best-known brand in plastic buildings and this is because they have been pioneering their use for many years and they are known as an innovative company that produces great value for money and high consumer satisfaction for the sheds and storage units that they manufacture.

Where is Keter manufactured? Keter is a huge company by Israeli standards. It employs 4,500 people, 2,000 of them in Israel. It has factories and distribution centers in nine countries and boasts 25,000 points of sale for products that range from tool boxes to a “Magic Playhouse” for children.

What does Keter mean? Keter (Hebrew: כֶּתֶר‎ (help·info), keṯer “Crown”) also known as Kether, is the topmost of the sephirot of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah. Since its meaning is “crown”, it is interpreted as both the “topmost” of the Sephirot and the “regal crown” of the Sephirot.

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How long is Keter guarantee?

Keter sheds come with warranties from 5 years to lifetime guarantees!

Are Keter and Allibert the same company?

Allibert Outdoor is part of the Keter Group, a global enterprise that has been active for over 60 years. The Group operates 18 factories and two distribution centers in nine countries, and currently sells to over 100 countries around the world, maintaining sales offices in the majority of these markets.

Who makes Keter?

Keter is an Israeli based supplier of resin home and garden products with a presence in 90 countries. It is owned by BC Partners, a private equity group based in London and other world financial centres.

What is Keter made of?

Keter storages are all made of resin which is a hard plastic material. Their products are all weatherproof which means your items inside are kept dry no matter how extreme the weather condition is. Unlike wood and metal, Keter sheds don’t need any maintenance to keep its quality.

Is lifetime the same as Keter?

Lifetime and Keter are both premium brands, specialising the manufacturer of plastic buildings and storage.

Are Keter sheds fire resistant?

Are Plastic Sheds Fireproof? – (are plastic sheds non combustible) The quick answer to this is going to be no. While plastic may not burn the same was as wood.

How long does it take to build a Keter shed?

Keter products are designed for easy, straightforward assembly, and involve no special DIY skill. Our Storage Boxes can be put together in minutes, while almost all of our Store It Out series can usually be built inside an hour. Even our very largest Sheds can usually be constructed in roughly half a day.