How do you get to Phillip Island from Melbourne?

How do you get to Phillip Island from Melbourne?

How do I get from Melbourne to Phillip Island? To get to Phillip Island by car, travel along the Monash Freeway from Melbourne and take the exit to Phillip Island (near Cranbourne) along the South Gippsland Highway (M420). Continue to follow the signs for Phillip Island onto the Bass Highway (A420).

Is there public transport to Phillip Island? By bus: Public transport is limited on Phillip Island. V-line operates a bus to Phillip Island’s main town, Cowes, from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne city. Please note that the V-line bus does not go to the Penguin Parade and there are no return buses to Melbourne at the conclusion of the Penguin Parade.

Is there a ferry to Phillip Island? The Western Port Ferry service (previously known as the French Island Ferry) runs between Stony Point in Mornington Peninsula and Cowes on Phillip Island, via French Island. The ferry departs from: Stony Point Jetty on the Mornington Peninsula (Stony Point Station is a short walk from the jetty)

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Is there Uber on Phillip Island?

Phillip Island Rideshare was established to fill a gap in the products of the traditional Rideshare providers such as DiDi Ola and Uber. Being that we are at the extreme edge of their respective networks it’s… More.

How many days do you need in Phillip Island?

Famous for its coastal views and wildlife reserves, Phillip Island is an idyllic escape from Melbourne. Three days leaves plenty of time to take in top attractions, get off the beaten path, and relax on secluded beaches.

How much does it cost to go to Phillip Island?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Phillip Island is $2,013 for a solo traveler, $3,615 for a couple, and $6,778 for a family of 4. Phillip Island hotels range from $55 to $164 per night with an average of $96, while most vacation rentals will cost $160 to $940 per night for the entire home.

Do you have to pay to see penguins at Phillip Island?

Phillip island is a sanctuary and was established to protect the Penguins. It has an information centre and displays. If you just want to have a look at some penguins, you can do so at the free access area at the Nobbies Centre.

Do you need a car on Phillip Island?

Don’t have a car and caught the bus to Phillip Island? If you need to get around, call a taxi or join of the local tour companies including Dianne’s Venture Tours, Posh Penguins and Escape Discovery Adventures to discover the local attractions, or for transport to the Penguin Parade. Click here for more tours.

How far is Phillip Island from Melbourne CBD?

The complete distance between Melbourne and Phillip Island is around 142km, rounding up to a couple hours’ drive from the city centre.

Can you get to French island from Phillip Island?

French Island is only 61km south-east of Melbourne. Access to the island is by the Western Point Ferries passenger ferry running daily from Stony Point pier or Cowes on Phillip Island to Tankerton Jetty. Tickets for the 15-minute ferry ride are $26 for adult return and $12 for a child return.

How long does the Penguin Parade go for?

It takes about 2 – 2 1/2 hours in total to get there in time to get a place to view them coming in from the sea, watch, then follow them up the board walk along the hillside and into the nests. They are gorgeous to watch – do not miss them.

What time are the penguins at Phillip Island?

Penguins arrive at sunset every evening.

Penguins Plus – ticket holders should plan to arrive at least 1 hour before penguin arrival time. Underground – ticket holders should plan to arrive 30 minutes before penguin arrival time.

Are there taxis on Phillip Island?

There are taxis on Phillip Island, and you can certainly call one to take you to/from the penguin parade.

Can you do a day trip to Phillip Island?

For a Phillip Island day trip, you can choose from our small group or large coach tours. Our large coach tour is conducted on a luxury bus with reclining seats and wifi, visiting the Koala Conservation Centre, Churchill Island and Nobbies before arriving at the Penguin Parade.

How long does it take to drive across Phillip Island?

The total drive Between Melbourne and Phillip Island is two hours but we recommend allocating more time for scenic stops in between.

Can you swim at Phillip Island?

Swimming Phillip Island

For swimming and paddleboarding on Phillip Island, check out the generally calm waters of Cowes Main Beach, Red Rocks Beach, San Remo Back Beach, Ventnor Beach, Silverleaves Beach and Cape Woolamai Safety Beach.

Can you walk around Phillip Island?

Phillip Island is home to a range of awe-inspiring coastal walks and scenic bushwalks. San Remo also offers some spectacular walks, including the George Bass Coastal Walk and the San Remo Coastal Circuit. No matter what your level is, there is a Phillip Island walk for you!

Are there snakes on Phillip Island?

Species of Phillip Island snakes comprise only the Lowland Copperhead. It may be confused with the patternless tiger snake, eastern brown and red-bellied black snake. Lowland copperhead snakes hibernate in winter and come out in the spring with the arrival of warmer weather.

What is Phillip Island known for?

Beachy keen. Discover a beach to suit everyone at Phillip island’s sheltered bay beaches and wild surf beaches, blowholes, caves and unusual rock formations. Declared a National Surfing Reserve in recognition of its quality breaks and pristine environment, Phillip Island offers four sites along its coast.

Can you see the penguin Parade without paying?

There is no free viewing areas. This is to help save the fragile penguin habitat and the penguins themselves whos population is at great risk. Just pay the money and go enjoy the experience.

Where can I see whales in Phillip Island?

Grab your binoculars and try your luck down at Cape Woolamai, Surf Beach, Pyramid Rock, The Nobbies or the Summerlands area, which all offer great whale watching opportunities. Southern right whales can also sometimes be seen in the shallow waters off Cowes or San Remo jetty.

Is there food at the Penguin Parade?

The Parade area does have food in the visitors center, but it’s very basic stuff – rolls, sandwiches, chips – from memory. Some hot food. You would be better to eat at Cowes, probably. The new visitor centre has an impressive restaurant (bistro, pub style food) and a cafe as well.

Do you have to book for Penguin Parade?

The Penguin Parade will open on Friday evening, and the Koala Conservation Reserve, Antarctic Journey and Churchill Island will all open at 10am on Saturday, August 14. Please be sure to book your visit online.

Can you stay on Phillip Island?

Places to stay

Stay at Phillip Island’s most fun place, A Maze’N Thing Holiday Park. The park is on ten acres and has a variety of self-contained cabins from one room The Island Accommodation caters for all needs from one to 150 guests. Book a bed, a room, a wing, level or the entire complex.