How do you use withstood in a sentence?

How do you use withstood in a sentence? Withstood sentence example. Athens alone had withstood them with success. Peter withstood him on many occasions. It became the seat of the presidency of Connaught under Elizabeth, and withstood a siege by the insurgents in 1641.

What is definition of withstood? transitive verb. 1a : to stand up against : oppose with firm determination especially : to resist successfully.

What is a sentence for surge? Examples of surge in a Sentence

Housing prices have surged in recent months. Interest in the sport has been surging. Noun The sport is enjoying a surge in popularity. a surge of support for the candidate There was a sudden surge toward the door.

What does Subtilty mean? Subtiltynoun. the quality or state of being subtile; thinness; fineness; as, the subtility of air or light. Etymology: [Contr. fr. subtility.]

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What is the word generously mean?

adjective. liberal in giving or sharing; unselfish: a generous patron of the arts; a generous gift. free from meanness or smallness of mind or character; magnanimous. large; abundant; ample: a generous portion of pie. rich or strong in flavor: a generous wine.

What is a jolted?

1 : an abrupt, sharp, jerky blow or movement awoke with a jolt. 2a(1) : a sudden feeling of shock, surprise, or disappointment the news gave them a jolt. (2) : an event or development causing such a feeling the defeat was quite a jolt. b : a serious setback or reverse a severe financial jolt.

How many is used for?

How many is used when we want to know the QUANTITY of something. It is only used with plural countable nouns. How many days are there in January?

When can you use a in writing?

English has two articles: the and a/an. The is used to refer to specific or particular nouns; a/an is used to modify non-specific or non-particular nouns. We call the the definite article and a/an the indefinite article. For example, if I say, “Let’s read the book,” I mean a specific book.

What are some examples of semicolons?

Examples of Semicolons: Joan likes eggs; Jennifer does not. The cat slept through the storm; the dog cowered under the bed. Semicolons are also used in a sentence when something stronger than a comma is needed.

What things can be surge?

a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep: the onward surge of an angry mob. a strong, swelling, wavelike volume or body of something: a billowing surge of smoke. a sudden, strong increase or burst: a surge of energy; surges of emotion. Military.

What does Serge mean in English?

[ surj ] SHOW IPA. / sɜrdʒ / PHONETIC RESPELLING. verb (used with object), serged, serg·ing. to overcast (unfinished seams or edges, as in a fabric or rug), especially by machine, in order to prevent fraying.

What’s efflux mean?

1 : something given off in or as if in a stream. 2a : effluence sense 2. b : a passing away : expiration. Other Words from efflux Example Sentences Learn More About efflux.

Who is a subtle person?

A subtle person cleverly uses indirect methods to achieve something. I even began to exploit him in subtle ways. He is a subtle character, you know. Synonyms: crafty, cunning, sly, designing More Synonyms of subtle. subtly adverb [ADVERB with verb]

Is Subtilty a word?

noun The quality or state of being subtile; thinness; fineness. noun Refinement; extreme acuteness; subtlety.

Who is a generous person?

A generous person gives more of something, especially money, than is usual or expected. A generous person is friendly, helpful, and willing to see the good qualities in someone or something.

What is an example of generous?

The definition of generous is kind and giving, or a large amount. An example of generous is a small business giving their employees an end of year bonus. An example of generous is a plate piled high with food. Showing kindness and magnanimity.

What is very generous?

1 giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation. a civic leader who is very generous with his money and time.

What is an example of jolt?

The definition of a jolt is an abrupt movement or a surprise or shock. An abrupt push in the crowd that pushes you forward is an example of a jolt. A surprise that someone gives you that encourages you to get your life back on track is an example of a jolt. A sudden jarring or jerking motion, as from a blow.

What is the meaning of jotted down?

to write or mark down quickly or briefly (usually followed by down): Jot down his license number. noun.

What does it mean to cruise someone?

Informal. to move slowly through or visit (a street, park, bar, etc.) in search of a sexual partner. to make sexual overtures to; attempt to arouse the sexual interest of.

What is difference between many and much?

Much’ is used when we are speaking about a singular noun. ‘Many’ is used when we are speaking about a plural noun. Countable nouns can be used with a number and have singular and plural forms. Uncountable nouns can only be used in singular and cannot be used with a number.

Have you money or do you have money?

Both constructions are grammatically correct. But “Do you have money?” is far more commonly used than “Have you money?”

WHEN TO SAY A or an?

If the word begins with a consonant sound you would use a, such as “a dog” and “a balloon,” as well as “a one” and “a unicorn.” If the word begins with a vowel sound, use an, such as in “an honorable man,” and with spoken acronyms like “an FBI agent.” Words like historic, with a pronounced “H,” can use either a or an.

When use a or an?

There is one simple way of remembering this. When the word begins with a vowel sound (a,e,i,o,u) then you should use ‘an’ as it sounds better and feels easier to say. When the word begins with a consonant you should use ‘a’.

How do semicolons work?

Semicolons with independent clauses

Use a semicolon to join two related independent clauses in place of a comma and a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet). Semicolons should not be used between a dependent clause and an independent clause.