How does Pink Zebra work?

How does Pink Zebra work? Pink Zebra offers candles, too! You simply choose your candle glass and your favorite Sprinkles. Place the (included) wick in the glass, pour in your Sprinkles, and enjoy!

How do you make money selling pink zebra? Consultants can sell Pink Zebra wares by hosting parties, by posting their products on social media platforms, or by conducting private one-on-one consults. Consultants sign up to Pink Zebra by buying one of two starter kits. The smaller kits is $99, while the larger one is $199.

What is pink zebra good for? Like any wax melt company, there were some good and not so good, some strong throwers and some weak throwers. Pink Zebra also makes scented jewelry, candle containers and shades, wax simmer pots, air freshener hangers and clips, and select bath products.

How long does Pink Zebra scents last? Fragrance will typically remain acceptable for a range of a few days to one week depending on environment and personal fragrance strength preference. Natural Reeds: are our re-sealable Pink Zebra Reed Diffusers (natural sticks in a bottle of liquid fragrance) in a dry form that you add your Soaks liquid to.

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Is it worth selling pink zebra?

Absolutely! Your host rewards begin at just $150 in sales, so it can take just a few orders to earn your rewards! It’s definitely worth a shot — and it’s a whole lot of fun!

Should I join Pink Zebra?

Whether you are looking to join a community, become your own boss, or earn extra income, Pink Zebra offers a direct sales opportunity to create a business that is “Uniquely Yours.” Whether you have a fear of public speaking or leading a team, joining Pink Zebra can help build your confidence!

How many scoops are in a pink zebra jar?

Just use the lid of your jar. It’s equal to one scoop.

Does Pink Zebra work in Scentsy warmers?

The one thing you should know is that you should not use Scentsy wax in a Pink Zebra warmer and vice versa. The wax is designed to melt at optimal heat and tested in their own warmers. The companies both use very different wax types and it won’t work the same in a different warmer brand.

What is the difference between pink zebra and Scentsy?

Pink Zebra sprinkles are made from soy wax, which doesn’t take as much heat to melt as the hard paraffin wax that Scentsy uses. The sprinkles offer a longer lasting, stronger scent than your Walmart or Scentsy wax does. Yay! What’s even more awesome is that you can actually make “recipes” with the sprinkles!

What is pink zebras real name?

Kelly Gaines, Founder, Pink Zebra.

Are Pink Zebra sprinkles safe for pets?

Pink Zebra uses soy wax produced Soy burns cleaner, doesn’t release fumes, and burns longer, slower, and at a lower temperature than paraffin wax. Non-toxic ingredients. Ingredients undergo extensive testing and are deemed “non-toxic”.

How much are pink zebra sprinkles?

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are available in jars and cartons, and they are made from soy. The jars (the smallest amount available) are 3.75 oz. and cost $9.00, which is quite expensive. Like Scentsy, they are sold by independent commissioned sales reps.

What is the best pink zebra scent?

My Top 5 Favorite Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Paisley’s Punch: Sweet and tangy cherry, orange, berry, and pineapple touched with fresh blackcurrant and lime. Macho Man: Upscale masculine fragrance with notes of lavender, smoldering vanilla, and musk. Cake Batter: Beater lickin’ good! Smells just like whipped frosting.

What is in pink zebra?

Pink Zebra’s Unique Sprinkles are made in the USA from Soft Soy, a blend of soy wax and parafin wax to maximize the the best performing components of each! Sprinkles fragrance last 30% longer than traditional wax products, burn more cleanly and consistently, and are responsible, renewable and sustainable!

Can you use pink zebra sprinkles in any warmer?

Pink Zebra soy based sprinkles that can be placed in any warmer to fragrance your home! Pink Zebra soy based sprinkles that can be placed in any warmer to fragrance your home!

How much does a pink zebra consultant make?

How much does a Consultant make at Pink Zebra in the United States? Average Pink Zebra Consultant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $50,000, which is 33% below the national average.

How much do pink zebra directors make?

Pink Zebra Salary FAQs

The average salary for a Creative Director is $126,092 per year in United States, which is 42% higher than the average Pink Zebra salary of $88,473 per year for this job.

What comes in the pink zebra starter kit?


Also, includes (1) Welcome Box: 12 pack catalogs, 70 fragrance samplers, 1 Bash Box, 1 Jar Sprinkles, 1 Heroes Flyer, 1 Club Pink Flyer, 1 ScentFlirt Flyer, 1 Change Your Life Brochure, 1 Farm to Fragrance Flyer.

Is Pink Zebra a good company to work for?

Very great company to work with

Working for pink zebra helped me learn more about sales and how to manage my own business and make money. It helped me learn how to work with customers well.

When did pink zebra enter Canada?

On October 7, we did just that with Pink Zebra’s international debut held in Calgary AB.” Karen, along with her husband, Director Allan Esposito, also attended the meeting to greet future team members. “It was an exciting time for us to be part of the first Pink Zebra International launch.

Why does pink zebra use synthetic oils?

Why does Pink Zebra use synthetic oils?  Conservation. Several essential oils are harvested from threatened species. Synthetic oils are a key component to the preservation of these species and the only way to keep these aromas available for future generations.

How many teaspoons are in a sprinkles?

There are about 1000 sprinkles in a teaspoon, so just measure out one level teaspoon and label it 103. Ten times bigger than a teaspoon is 10 teaspoons, but there is a better way to measure it. A teaspoon is 5 mL, so 10 teaspoons is 50 mL.

Who is Scentsy’s competitor?

Scentsy’s primary competitors are Yankee Candle, PartyLite & Pink Zebra.

Who founded Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra Co-Founders, Tom and Kelly Gaines.

Is pink zebra safe for birds?

Per their website and the Pink Zebra representative at the open house, these sprinkles are supposed to be safe for birds. You melt the wax sprinkles in an electric simmer pot. The only danger with the simmer pot is that you have hot, melted wax in an open container that can be spilled or knocked over.