How far off the floor should a linear fireplace be?

How far off the floor should a linear fireplace be? How high off the floor should I mount a linear fireplace? Linear fireplaces are our best-selling style of fireplaces. These are the units that are much wider than they are tall, with an extremely long, lean profile. These fireplaces look best up off the floor by at least 12 inches.

How high should a mantle be over a linear fireplace? As a general rule, it’s important to mount the mantle an average of 12 inches over the fireplace opening, which is a general rule from the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) to ensure it’s up to code.

How high should a fireplace hearth be from the floor? The height of your hearth opening above the floor often is a matter of local building codes and personal preference. The average height would be 12 to 14 inches from the floor to the bottom of the hearth opening, which allows you to install a seating area in front of your hearth.

How wide should my linear fireplace be? Linear Gas Fireplaces have a wide 4′ to 16′ viewing area and normally are not very tall 18″ to 36″. Although, some of our clients want a taller viewing area of up to 48″.

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What is the proper height of a fireplace mantel?

Mantel Height: We recommend installing the mantel 4.5′ from the floor. This allows room for stockings during the holidays. Most housing codes and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) state that the bottom of the mantel must be at least 12” away from the top of the fireplace box.

Should you hang TV over fireplace?

Mount Your TV Above an Open-Fireplace

In most cases, you should not install electronics above wood-burning stoves or gas fireplaces and inserts because they produce massive amounts of heat. That heat could severely damage your tv or other electronic devices.

What is a good size fireplace?

The standard size of a fireplace is anywhere from 2 – 3 feet wide, 24 – 29 inches high, and always about 16 inches deep. Of course, the opening could vary depending on your style and design ideas, as well as where you are locating the fireplace.

Can you sit on a floating hearth?

Floating hearths sit underneath the fireplace and “float” above the ground with empty space below. They are perfect for homeowners who want a modern look. Even if you have little to no space in your house, we can still outfit your fireplaces with a new hearth.

What is the best material to use for a hearth?

Granite Hearths

Granite is the best fireplace hearth material for solid fuel burning fires. However, to withstand the heat, you need to get one that has been ‘slabbed’. This means that it has been cut into pieces and mounted in concrete to give it space to expand as it heats up.

Can a fireplace be too big for a room?

Regardless of heat output or TV size, the size of the fireplace should suit the size of the room. A small fireplace will be lost in a large space. Likewise, a large fireplace could overpower a tiny room. However, we see clients going too small far more often than going too big.

How wide should TV be fireplace?

So, if you are looking at a 65” TV, you should be sitting approximately 97” away (65 x 1.5). Or, working backwards, if your seating is 9′, or 108”, from the fireplace then you should consider something in the neighborhood of 70” (108/1.5).

What is the standard fireplace mantel width?

For a quick reference, a 36-inch fireplace will probably have a mantel width of 48 inches. A 42-inch fireplace will probably have a mantel width of 54 inches. The mantel should not be so wide that it reaches anything else, like a wall, window or door.

How far should a mantle stick out?

The proportions of your mantel in relationship to your fireplace are important. Generally, your mantel should extend a minimum of three inches beyond the opening of your fireplace.

Where should a TV be placed with a fireplace?

Ideally, televisions should be set at the eye level of seated viewers, but unless you have a very low mantel, this placement probably won’t be possible above a fireplace. You can double-check the angle by taping a paper template the size of your TV in the preferred location.

Where to put your TV when you have a fireplace?

As far as TV placement, you will want to mount your TV in the corner where your fireplace wall and a perpendicular wall meet. This, again, ties back to simplifying furniture arrangement by keeping key points of focus in closer proximity.

Can you hang a TV over a brick fireplace?

Mounting a TV always requires special equipment, no matter what type of wall you use. Mounting a TV above a brick fireplace requires masonry bits and a hammer drill to get the job done.

How do you size a fireplace surround?

To determine the width “C” of the fireplace surround, measure the width of the facing material and subtract 1 inch. This allows the fireplace mantels to overlap the facing material 1/2 inch on each side. (You can overlap the facing material up to one inch less than the width of each mantel leg if needed.)

How do I increase the size of my fireplace opening?

Proceed to knock down bricks with a hammer to make the opening of the fireplace bigger, leaving the lintel intact. Do not remove more than a few bricks on each side. Contact a contractor if you would like to move the lintel up or make the opening wider.

How do I reduce the size of my fireplace opening?

Reduce the Opening Size – This can be achieved by laying an additional row of firebrick on the floor of the firebox. Before you start laying brick, you can test the solution by holding a piece of metal over part of the opening and watching to see if the draft improves.

Does a hearth have to be raised?

The perimeter of the hearth should be clearly defined by either using a raised edge or by raising the level of the hearth in relation to the floor. A freestanding stove which is not in a recess should have a hearth at least 840 x 840mm.

What is the height of a hearth?

The most common hearth heights are from 12” to 18”. If you’re tall (over six-feet), choose a higher hearth size. The same thing goes for sitting on the hearth, if you’re shorter, choose a lower hearth height.

How thick does a fireplace hearth need to be?

How deep should a hearth be? InterNACHI recommends that for any size fireplace opening, the thickness of a hearth should be at least 4 inches (102mm).

Can you use any tiles for a hearth?

Most wall tile is suitable for the fireplace. But just to make sure, check to see if they are recommended for high-temperature application. Another trick is to select a tile that is recommended as a backsplash tile.

Can a flue be too big?

When a flue is too big, the chimney can be too cold. Cold chimneys make keeping a fire lit more difficult. They also lead to condensation and possible mold inside the chimney brickwork. They key to making and keeping a great draft in your fireplace is making sure the proper sized flue is installed.

What is the best height for a TV over a fireplace?

Above Fireplace Mounting

The rule of thumb is, if your mantel is less than four feet from the floor, you should mount your TV about 12 inches above it. This rule applies to a fireplace without a mantel as well.