How good are Sony Xplod Subs?

How good are Sony Xplod Subs? I bought 2 of these from a friend, and they are quite impressive. They handle 350 watts RMS and 700 watts max. The 1200 on the front is the peak power handling, but if you actually put 1200 watts into it, it would die pretty much instantly. It hits really hard, looks really good, and is pretty well priced.

How many watts is a Sony Xplod sub? Sony Xplod 12-Inch 1200-Watt Subwoofer (XSL121P5) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

What is the hardest hitting subwoofer on the market? The hardest hitting best 10 inch subs is the Planet Audio AC10D ten inch automobile subwoofer. It has a max power output of 1500 watts, with 750 w RMS.

What happened to Sony Xplod? Xplod, Sony’s sub-brand for car audio in the U.S. is gradually being relegated for use with subwoofers and amps, but most Sony head units will soon bear the Sony name. Sony first dropped the Xplod name on the DSX-S100 receiver about a year ago but still used the name in its single CD lineup.

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What is the most powerful subwoofer on the market?

Danley Sound Labs’ Matterhorn Subwoofer may be the world’s biggest–at least I hope it is. The mother of all subs has 40,000 watts of power, and the whole thing is built into a 20x8x8 foot shipping container.

How many Ohm’s is a Sony Xplod 12?

4 ohms impedance

Conducts power evenly to keep the subwoofer at an appropriate level.

What hits harder 2ohm or 4ohm?

A subwoofer with a lower electrical resistance produces a louder sound than one with a high electrical resistance, which means that 2ohm subwoofers are louder than 4ohm ones.

Do 10 or 12 subs hit harder?

But, generally speaking, given adequate power, the two 10″ subs will sound a little cleaner and punch harder because their combined cone surface area yields more sound pressure. The single 12″ sub, however, may sound a little deeper.

What hits harder 12s or 15s?

no the 2 12s at 300Rms each AND 2 15s at 300rms each or would it be beter to get one large 15 that can handle 1200 watts RMS. If you want SPL, the 2 12s and 2 15s would hit harder.

What is Sony Xplod?

Sony Xplod series car audio products were developed by sony to provide a range of quality for all your car audio requirements and others. The Sony Xplod radio cassette recorder is also referred to as the boombox, comes with many features and among them are great bass responses because of the large power drive woofers.

Are Sony car speakers any good?

They meet the needs of a traditional sound system and other components such as tweeters and subwoofers. Sony car speakers are known as some of the best car speakers in performance in the market and offer the best value. These speakers are some of the highest quality Sony models available at Crutchfield.

Does Sony Xplod have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth support

That’s right—you can have a completely wireless sound system in your car. However, the system will recognize only one source at a time—you change which device the Xplod recognizes as the audio source using the head unit’s Bluetooth menu.

Are Square subs better than round?

While square subwoofers have more surface area to move more air, traditional round subwoofers are generally better sounding because they are easier to control. The more accurately the subwoofer is controlled the higher the sound quality reproduced.

What size subwoofer has the deepest bass?

15-inch subwoofers offer the most powerful and deepest bass owing to their big size. They, however, lack the tight responsiveness of their small counterparts. These subs will take much of your passenger or cargo space which is why they are commonly used in large trucks and SUVs.

Does Sony still make subwoofers?

Sony Car Subwoofers Information

The compact design of the CEA-2031 certified Sony subwoofers does not stop them from playing deep, rich bass and makes them one of the most popular options available. Sony subwoofers are available in 8″, 10″ and 12″ single 4 ohm designs and are a perfect fit for most vehicles.

Does sealed or ported hit harder?

sealed or ported. I guess it depends on what you mean by “hit harder”. In my experience, ported boxes usually sound louder, but with sealed boxes, you feel the bass more.

What Ohm is best for subs?

If you want bass at a moderate volume and in the best quality, then a 4 ohm subwoofer will be your best bet. Also, you’ll need to connect multiple subwoofers in series for higher resistance, thus higher quality bass.

Are 2 subs louder than 1?

It will be more powerfull, maybe +3dB, which may or may not be noticeable. But, it will create a better sound in your area. Two subs compared to one usually eliminate any dead spots you may have in your room. The bass should be smoother and more balanced, while being slightly louder and easier to feel.

Are 12 or 15 inch subs better?

The answer to the question of whether 15 inch subwoofers have better base than 12 inch subs is not an easy one to answer. The fact is, “better” is a personal opinion. 15 inch subwoofers are larger and displace more air than 12 inch subwoofers do, so the 12 in will have a crisper, sharper sound than the larger ones.

Is it better to have 1 or 2 subwoofers?

2 smaller subwoofers will usually provide more power (and therefore higher decibel output) than a single large subwoofer. A single subwoofer will have a smaller listening area than 2 subwoofers, which will create a larger sound arc, therefore filling a larger room more easily.

What sounds better 10s or 12s?

A 12-inch subwoofer can do everything that the 10-inch model can, but the 10-inch version cant do everything the 12″ can. The 12-inch subwoofers handle more power, they play louder, they are boomier, and many people find that they just sound better.

Is a 15 louder than 2 12s?

More surface area than 1 15. So that makes 2 12 louder than 1 15.”

What does BTA no device mean?

BTA NO DEV: A BLUETOOTH audio device is not connected or recognized. Make sure a BLUETOOTH audio device is securely connected, or the BLUETOOTH connection is established with the BLUETOOTH audio device.

What kind of sub box is best?

MDF wood is ideal for making subwoofer enclosures. The wood is strong, durable, and thick enough to limit distortion of sound waves. A close second is a plywood, which is lighter than MDF, but sturdy enough to create the best sound-quality if laminated.

Can a 1000 watt amp push 2 15s?

Just make sure your 15″ subs have a rms rating of 1000 watts. because under powering your subs is worse than overpowering them. And GUH. see less Yes, it will push two 15’s easily.