How many cc’s is a Stihl o36?

How many cc’s is a Stihl o36? the 036 is also 61.5cc but has 4.5hp.

Is the Stihl 034 a professional saw? They are considered pro saws. FWIW the 034 S model is in essence about the same as an 036 .

What is a Stihl 036 worth? Now the 036 pro QS lists at a little above $500.00 .

What does MS mean on a Stihl chainsaw? What does MS mean? We’ll start with an easy one. Every STIHL chainsaw model name starts with MS, MSA, or MSE. The common part, MS, stands for Motorsäge which is German for chainsaw. MSA indicates that it’s a battery chainsaw and MSE tells us that it’s an electric model.

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How many cc is a Stihl 044?

The Stihl 044 chain saw has a single cylinder, two-stroke engine with a 70.7 cubic centimeter displacement. A 70.7 cc engine is equivalent to 4.31 cubic inches. The engine runs on a gasoline and oil mixture that is 50 parts gas to 1 part oil.

How many cc is a Stihl 064?

Re: Stihl 064AV opinions

064AV is 85cc. 066 is 92cc. Since before the 064 was introduced in January 1986 the top dog in that saw class was the 94cc 056 Magnum ll introduced in February 1985.

How many cc is a 034?

Re: stihl 034 AV specs ? FWIW the 034 S model is in essence about the same as an 036 . Both are impressive for 60 cc size .

How much does a Stihl MS 362 cost?

Starting a $809.99 with a 18″ bar and chain. Brains and brawn come together in this well-rounded professional chainsaw. The MS 362 C-M features the same great power, weight and fuel efficiency as the MS 362, but also features our exclusive STIHL M-Tronic™ engine management technology.

How old is a Stihl 036?

The 036 was made from 1991-2001. In 2002 they changed its name to the MS360, and that was made from 2002-2005. With a couple of changes, it became the MS361 and ran from 2005-2010. .. The MS361 actually came out early 2003.

How much does a Stihl 660 cost?

$1,100 here for powerhead only. Add $150 for 31″ bar and one chain.

How much horsepower does a Stihl 660 have?

At 9250 rpms the 660 had an small advantage of . 14 hp. At 8840 rpms the 660 had an advantage of . 744 hp.

How can I tell if my Stihl chainsaw is real?

Sometimes the fakes are obvious (STIHL never uses stickers to mark its products – our logo is always printed or embossed directly on the product), but the only way to be sure you are getting a genuine STIHL is to purchase your product from an authorized STIHL Dealer.

Is the Stihl MS 310 a pro saw?

Series 1127Mid-Range UseMore power than the MS 290? With all the same features as the STIHL FARM BOSS®, the MS 310 has a price you’ll love. This mid-range chainsaw has an excellent power-to-weight ratio and provides all the advantages of a professional chainsaw at a cost you can live with.

How much does a Stihl MS 461 cost?

$1,029.95. The STIHL MS 461 chainsaw was made for tough cutting jobs and long workdays. This professional-grade saw is up to 20% more fuel-efficient than the MS 460 STIHL MAGNUM®, but delivers every ounce of the power.

What is better Stihl or Husqvarna?

Side-by-side, Husqvarna edges out Stihl. Their safety features and anti-vibration technology allow for easier and safer use. And although Stihl chainsaw engines can have more power, Husqvarna chainsaws tend to be more efficient and better at cutting. As far as value goes, Husqvarna is also a top pick.

How many horsepower is a Stihl 044?

Stihl User

Maybe 5.5hp.

What is a Stihl 064 worth?

$400 to $500 is about right for a 64 in good shape. Bear in mind a 64 doesn’t have a decomp valve and can be a bear to start unless you have gorilla arms . 064 is a little light for milling if your planning to use that 36 inch bar, I’d go for a bigger saw if your going to push a big bar on a mill.

How many cc is a Stihl 038?

According to Andreas Stihl Co., the basic 038 S model’s single-cylinder, two-stroke engine was rated at 3.3 kilowatts, or 4.43 U.S. horsepower, from its 4.07-cubic-inch displacement. It had a 1.97-inch bore and 1.34-inch stroke.

What is the biggest saw Stihl makes?

The new STIHL MS 881 is the world’s most powerful chainsaw in production today. Following on from the highly regarded MS 880 chainsaw, which was a favourite of foresters, the arboriculture industry and saw-mill operatives, the MS 881 was designed with the largest timber jobs in mind.

How many cc is a Stihl 026 chainsaw?

According to Chain Saw Collectors Corner, the Stihl 026 is a 49 cc chain saw introduced in 1993.

How old is a Stihl 034 AV?

The 034 Super was made from 1987 to 1993.

Does Stihl own Husqvarna?

Although both manufacturers have factories in the USA, Brazil, and China, Stihl is still headquartered in Germany, and Husqvarna in Sweden. Our pick for this category: Stihl.

What chainsaw do professional loggers use?

Stihl 500i Chainsaw

The Stihl 500i is generally seen as the ultimate logging chainsaw. It is Stihl’s top-of-the-line professional chainsaw and has been designed and built especially for the logging industry and professional arborists.

What size bar can a 036 run?

You can go to a 28 inch bar with skip chain on an 036, but the oil pump is not big enough to keep that size bar wet on a stock 036/360 or a 361/362. The bars will burn from lack of oil. I have seen that type of bar burn a lot around here, where many dealers sell 60cc Stihl saws with 28 inch bars on them, new.

What size chain does a Stihl 036 use?

8TEN Chainsaw Chain for Stihl 036 038 039 046 044 Husqvarna 440 285 33RM 84 H51 84 24 inch . 050 3/8 84DL 2 Pack.