Is Bridgewater College an Accredited School?

If you’re thinking about attending Bridgewater College, you’re probably wondering if it is an accredited school. While it is a private institution, it is a well-regarded liberal arts college in the United States. Although it isn’t accredited by any governing body, it is a member of the Southern Association of colleges and schools. If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of a private institution, it is important to check the accreditation status of the school.

Aside from being a member of NAICU, Bridgewater is also accredited by SACS and the American Council on Education. As a member of the latter, the college is recognized by the American Council on Education and the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. However, it is still possible that the college is not truly accredited. While this may seem like an important consideration, you can still be confident that the school is a legitimate option for higher education.

The college offers more than 60 undergraduate majors, including nursing and art history. It also has pre-professional programs and offers study abroad opportunities through the BCA Study Abroad program and the May Term Travel Courses. Besides the academics and facilities, students can enjoy a wonderful environment and participate in numerous cultural and arts events. In addition to these, Bridgewater College also offers a teacher certification program.