University of Washington Admissions Statistics For 2019

If you’re looking for the University of Washington admissions statistics for 2019, you should start with the SAT and ACT scores. Eighty-one percent of students who were accepted to the UW submitted their test scores during the 2018-19 admissions cycle. In general, out-of-state students tend to have a lower GPA than their in-state counterparts, although the number of out-of-state applicants has decreased significantly in recent years. However, out-of-state students usually have higher SAT scores and a slightly lower GPA. In fact, a recent study showed that international students have an average SAT math score of 1470 compared to the average of all U.S. college students.

The University of Washington is a top public research university, with an acceptance rate of 52 percent. The school is highly selective and offers several majors. As a result, students with a high GPA of 3.72 to 3.95 are likely to be accepted. In addition, strong application essays, meaningful extracurricular activities, and rigorous course schedules can boost your chances of admission. Letters of recommendation are not required for admission to UW, but can help strengthen your application.

The University of Washington’s admissions rate for incoming students is 52%. As a public university, the UW’s acceptance rate is higher for Washington residents than for out-of-state applicants. The out-of-state population is small, though, with international students accounting for around 12% of the student body. The school’s admissions rate depends on many factors, including academic performance. Applicants who have an A average high school GPA are usually considered more likely to be admitted than those with a below-average GPA.