What Are Decent Colleges?

What are decent colleges? A college with an admissions rate of at least 90 percent is considered a decent college. If the acceptance rate is too high, the school may have poor educational offerings or may not communicate well. However, if the graduation rate is too low, it may not be a good college. Students with high grades and average standardized test scores are encouraged to apply to a college with a high acceptance rates.

The National Center for Education Statistics publishes a list of the best colleges in the U.S. according to graduation rate and endowment per student. A number of other factors are also considered. Some colleges are excluded because of their classification or specialization. The list contains the top 19 schools based on these metrics. The national average graduation rate is a great indication of the quality of a college. If your standardized test score is low, it does not mean that the college is not good.

SAT/ACT scores and grade point average are important factors in selecting a college. A 2.5 grade point average is acceptable for most colleges, but a 4.0 grade point average is required for most top schools. Some US universities also take test scores into consideration when determining a college’s ranking. The US News magazine compiled a list of “A+” and “B+” colleges for B students. The ranking system takes into account various factors, including freshman retention rates and placement on US News’ Best Colleges lists.