What Episode Of Henry Danger Does His Family Find Out?

What Episode Of Henry Danger Does His Family Find Out

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I Know Your Secret

It’s the episode where his family finds out! In “I Know Your Secret”, Henry’s family finally learns about his double life as Kid Danger. It’s a pretty big deal, and Henry has to navigate the tricky waters of keeping his secret safe while also dealing with the fact that his family now knows.

Here are some things to know about the episode:

  • Henry’s family finds out about his double life in a pretty unexpected way.
  • They take it surprisingly well, all things considered.
  • There are some tense moments, but ultimately everything works out.
  • It’s a really important episode for Henry and sets up the rest of the series.

If you’re a fan of Henry Danger, then this is definitely an episode you need to check out. It’s a major turning point for the character and sets up a lot of what happens in future episodes. So if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out!

The Story

Zapathon is being called by Piper because she book a phone case but received a tanning lamp instead. Piper gives them the serial number and verifies that it is valid. Kris’ anniversary gift from Jake was a flashlight. Jake heads out to get her a nicer present. Jed is using a balloon in the ceiling of the school to target with darts. When Oliver and Sidney pass, they advise Jed to relax. Sidney is referred to be an impolite child by Jed.

When Charlotte, Henry, and Jasper arrive, Jasper announces that he will be constructing a belt for his class, measures the waist of Charlotte’s, and then departs. Henry chuckles as Charlotte declares that she will tell Amy, a girl, that Henry likes her. Henry reaches into his locker, he finds a weird message from a person who claims to know his secret. Since Henry only has one secret—that he is Kid Danger—he fears that this person could also know his hidden identity. Jed unintentionally throws a dart that lands on Ms. Shapen’s shoulder as she enters the room.

Henry demonstrates the message to Schwoz and Ray at the Man Cave. Ray queries Henry about his actions. Henry claims he took no action. Henry was the final person to touch the message, according to Schwoz’s scan of it. Mrs. Hendricks and Oliver are among the clients of Piper’s tanning shop at Henry’s house, which she opens after accidentally getting a tanning gun rather than a phone case. When Henry and Charlotte arrive, they explain to Jake and Kris why they allowed Piper to operate a tanning salon out of their home. According to Jake, this prevents Piper from yelling at Kris and him. Jasper is in his room when Henry enters and he is holding a placard that reads, “I Know Your Secret”.

Henry is taken aback that Jasper is aware. Charlotte learns the news from Piper: instead of seeing Galaxy Wars 10 with Jasper on Saturday night, Henry took Kris on opening night. Henry’s watch begins to chime in his room. They have an emergency, says Captain Man in the hologram. Jasper learns that “he knows the secret” after witnessing Henry inadvertently change into Kid Danger.

Then Charlotte ascends to Henry’s bedroom. When Charlotte arrives, she observes Henry in front of Jasper as Kid Danger. After realizing they have an issue, Charlotte and Henry phone Captain Man and ask him to deliver the Memory Wiper. Piper hands the tanning gun to Jake before going downstairs to use the restroom. When the police show up, they discover an illegal tanning business inside the home. Because he was holding a tanning gun, the police believe it to be Jake, and Jake is detained for operating Piper’s salon illegally.

Captain Man informs Henry in his chamber that removing Jasper’s memory would also entail wiping all of his memories. Charlotte and Captain Man skulk in the closet. When Jasper wakes up, Henry tries to connect with him “one final time,” but is unable, and he makes a threat to quit being Kid Danger if Jasper’s memory is lost. Captain Man reluctantly decides to refrain from wiping Jasper’s memory. Jasper’s first act for Captain Man is to get the client out of the home because Henry wants the customer’s memory to be destroyed so that he can’t disseminate the truth.

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