Where does Paul work in Paul’s case?

Where does Paul work in Paul’s case? Paul goes straight to Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh, where he works as an usher. Because he is early, he goes to the Hall’s gallery and looks at paintings of Paris and Venice.

Does Paul kill himself in Paul’s case? Paul steals money from the firm and runs away to New York, where he buys himself elegant clothes and rents a luxurious room in the Waldorf Hotel. When he learns that his father is coming to find him, Paul believes that his idyllic life is over, and he commits suicide.

Where does Paul go when he runs away in Paul’s case? Paul runs off to New York after stealing a large sum of money from his employer. Paul has spent the whole of his life in a fantasy world. As a staunch nonconformist, someone who doesn’t seem to belong in society, he only ever feels comfortable in a world of his own making.

What mental illness does Paul have in Paul’s case? Paul’s problem drives him to take his own life, and simple adolescent arrogance does not lead to such drastic measures. My diagnosis is that Paul suffers from what contemporary psychiatry calls a “narcissistic personality disorder.” The term, “narcissism” comes, of course, from the Greek myth of Narcissus.

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What does Paul hate in Paul’s case?

Paul hates the piety and work ethic of the people he comes from. He despises the very place that is most real in his mind and longs for the abstract world of the upper class.

Why did Paul kill himself Paul’s case?

Eventually, he decides against it and instead commits suicide by jumping in front of a train. Paul made the ultimate decision of taking his own life because the thought of returning to his old lifestyle was too much for him to handle.

How old is Paul in Paul’s case?

In Cather’s “Paul’s Case”, Paul’s exact age is unspecified. However, it can be deduced that he is between the ages of 14 and 18, as he is

What does Paul realize right before he is killed by the train Paul’s case?

In the end, he takes cabs to a set of railroad tracks in Pennsylvania and leaps in front of an oncoming train. Before he dies, he recognizes “the folly of his haste” and thinks of the places that he will never see.

Why does Paul hate Cordelia Street?

Cordelia Street represents all that Paul despises about his home—its shabbiness, its humdrum concern for moneymaking, its embrace of the common and the ordinary, and its ethic of limited improvement.

Who wrote Paul’s case?

“Paul’s Case: A Study in Temperament” is a short story by Willa Cather that was first published in 1905.

Who does Paul’s father hold up as a model to Paul?

A twenty-six-year-old man held up as an example by Paul’s father. The clerk embodies everything Paul wants to avoid in his own life. He married an unattractive woman, fathered four children, lives on Cordelia Street, and brags about his boss, a steel magnate.

What does snow symbolize in Paul’s case?

As Paul rides out of town, the black, dead weeds sticking up through the snow in the passing fields signify his approaching death.

Why is it called Paul’s case?

The title “Paul’s Case” immediately evokes the idea of some kind of court or psychiatric case. The story revolves around Paul, who does commit a crime. He steals money and travels to New York to live a life of richness and grandeur.

What does the train symbolize in Paul’s case?

For Paul, the train initially represents freedom. He takes the train from Pittsburgh to New York in order to escape his mundane life. At the end of the story, however, the train is the instrument of Paul’s downfall.

What do the flowers symbolize in Paul’s case?

Paul wears the flowers to symbolize his beauty for things. Living in a grey world, Paul needs something to fulfill the happiness in his life. Color brings happiness to him.

What is the conflict in Paul’s case?

The main conflict is largely internal for Paul. He hates his life and is lost in the illusion of wealth and the validation having it might bring him. Unfortunately reality always pulls him back.

Why does Paul go to work early?

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In “Paul’s Case,” Paul has to go work early because he liked looking at the pictures in the art gallery. He wanted to be early so that he has the chance to roam around the art gallery without being in too much crowd.

What is the main idea of Paul’s case?

The theme of “Paul’s Case” is that when the world of illusion, of the superficial, becomes too appealing to us, it can destroy us. We can feel some sympathy for Paul as he rejects the narrow, hard-working, respectable, and Calvinist world he has grown up in.

What is the most prominent symbol in Paul’s case?

The red carnations Paul often wears in his buttonhole represent Paul himself. At the beginning of the story, when Paul wears a red carnation to meet his teachers and principal, the adults correctly interpret its presence as evidence of Paul’s continued defiance.

What is Paul’s dream in Paul’s case?

There he realizes his dreams of buying expensive clothes, staying at the Waldorf, a grand hotel, attending the opera, and becoming “exactly the kind of boy he had always wanted to be.” When his crime is discovered, Paul cannot face returning to the “ugliness and commonness” of Cordelia Street and commits suicide by

What is the climax of the story Paul’s case?

But the climax of the story is Paul’s recognition—as his money runs out and his father approaches to take him home—that “all the world had become Cordelia Street.” Paul recognizes “now, more than ever, that money was everything, the wall that stood between all he loathed and all he wanted” (259).

What does Paul hate?

Paul hates common things. He has a “shuddering repulsion for the flavorless, colorless, mass of everyday existence.” He likes “cool things and soft lights and fresh flowers.” He particularly likes the arts—theater and music.

What does Paul’s father want him to do?

His father wants him to grow up and maybe become a clerk for one of the “iron kings” in Pittsburgh. Paul’s father continues to try and impress upon Paul this ideal by reminding him of the young man who lives near them on Cordelia Street.

What was Paul’s father job?

Paul’s father is a civil engineer. He’s moved his family to Tangerine to take up a new job as deputy director of the county’s civil engineering department. He later becomes the director in the wake of a corruption scandal involving his predecessor.

What do Paul’s clandestine trips to the stock theater?

What do Paul’s clandestine trips to the stock theater, his trip to New York, and his suicidehave in common? They are all places Paul goes to escape. Paul goes to the theater and New York to escape his life and to escape the boring ordinary world. His suicide was his final way to escape.