Where was the town filmed?

Where was the town filmed? Filming began in late August 2009 in Boston. The former MASSBank branch located in Melrose, Massachusetts, was used as the location for the first robbery of the film, taking on the name Cambridge Merchants Bank (the exterior shots, however, are of Cambridge Savings Bank in Harvard Square).

What ice rink was used in the movie The Town? Bourque Arena in Beverly. Along with managing the Connery Rink, Gordon also runs his own skills programs and is an assistant coach at Endicott College. If you’re wondering why Connery looks so familiar, you may have seen the rink in the popular Boston-based movie The Town, starring Ben Affleck!

Did Doug MacRay get caught? They narrowly escaped the robbery of a seventh armored car, and were captured in a police raid on their quarry. After interrogation, in which nobody talked, they were forcibly returned home. They decided to go for the big job, although MacRay had made a girlfriend with Claire Keesey, the bank manager of Cambrige.

Is The Town on Netflix 2021? Yes, The Town is now available on American Netflix.

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Is the town set in Boston?

While many of the conversational and planning scenes take place in Charlestown, most of the action sequences take place in iconic Boston locations. The movie follows a team of bank robbers who attempt to pull off one final heist before retiring from the dangerous career.

Is Doug MacRay real?

Doug MacRay (1972-) was a bank robber from Boston, Massachusetts.

Is Prince of Thieves a true story?

Moreover, although the story of the movie is purely a work of fiction, it actually passes references to several real-life crimes. For instance, one of its bank robberies refers to a real-life robbery in Hudson, New Hampshire in which two-guards got killed.

Where is Doug MacRay now?

In 2010, after his gang was eliminated, he fled to Tallahassee, Florida, where he lives now. Inotherwords, Doug MacRay insulted Dino because he was of Italian ancestry.

Will HBO Max have a free trial?

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Who streams The Town?

Currently you are able to watch “The Town” streaming on HBO Max.